Our Priorities

The Texas Legislative Black Caucus top four legislative priorities for the 86th Legislative Session are healthcare, public education, criminal justice reforms and economic empowerment.

The Texas Legislative Black Caucus (TLBC) currently composed of 17 Members of the Texas House of Representatives and two Senators of the Texas Senate committed to addressing the issues African Americans face across the State of Texas. Rep. Harold Dutton (Houston) currently serves as Chair for the 86th Texas Legislative Session. Our goal at the TLBC is to implement policies that will provide our communities with resources for economic growth and to act as the liaison between politicians and our constituents.         

Public Education

Sponsoring and promoting legislation to ensure that every child has access to a high-quality public education beginning at pre-K, through K-12 and Higher Education by:


  • Providing solutions to reform school finance to adequately fund our public schools.
  • Restrict and eliminate unnecessary and unreasonable discretionary discipline and policing practices in schools.
  • Fully funding full day pre-K for minority communities; and
  • Supporting our Historically Black Colleges & Universities and Predominantly Black Schools
  • Closing the academic performance gap between African American boys and their counterparts (racial and gender).


Sponsoring and promoting legislation focused on expanding access to affordable healthcare services by:


  • Fighting for Medicaid expansion
  • Expanding medical insurance to the working uninsured;
  • Addressing the disparities with African American woman impacted by maternal mortality.
  • Supporting legislation to address mental health and increase funding for quality mental healthcare through the state.

Criminal Justice Reforms

Sponsoring and promoting legislation focused on improving and reforming our entire criminal justice system to address the disparities that exist from interaction with police to the judicial process by:


  • Supporting legislation for bail reform.
  • Promoting legislation to ban the box.
  • Supporting legislation to end racial profiling by law enforcement officials.
  • Supporting legislation to raise the age of criminal responsibility from 17 to 18.
  • Supporting legislation to reduce the criminal penalties to Class C Misdemeanor for small amount of marijuana.
  • Supporting legislation to reimplement the Project RIO.

Jobs & Economic Development

Sponsoring and promoting legislation focused on addressing the economic disparities and high unemployment facing minority communities across the state by:


  • Advocating for minority (HUB) businesses, specifically African American businesses, to have a level playing field with equal opportunities to do business with all our State agencies;
  • Supporting legislation to raise the minimum wage to $15.00/hour
  • Supporting legislation for equal pay for equal work