Public Education

As the need for quality education becomes more vital, the future and success of the children of Texas (and thus, the future of the state itself) hinges on the ability to provide the necessary resources for them to learn. This all begins at the Pre-Kindergarten level, which is considered one of the most important developmental periods in a child’s life. However, early-age learning and development are not the only concerns facing education here in Texas. Continually, supporting students, whether in Pre-K or college, is essential in this growing economy.

Ways Texas can improve:

Provide adequate funding and resources to all schools

• Increase amount of funding for full day pre-kindergarten for eligible students

• Prohibition of out of school suspensions for students in Grades Pre-K through Second


While the expansion of Medicaid programs remains a hotly-contested subject, many in the Capitol still believe that expanding Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is beneficial to the people of Texas, where the highest number of uninsured people of any state reside. Currently there are 32 states, including DC, expanding their Medicaid systems. Like it or not, the ACA is the law of the land. All Texas taxpayers, rich or poor, are subject to federal taxation, which funds healthcare programs under law. The State of Texas, by refusing to expand Medicaid, prevents a specific class of low-income Texans from receiving healthcare under the law, even though they must continue to pay for it. :

Ways Texas can improve:

• Expand Medicaid, especially for low-income Texans

• Ensure quality healthcare is accessible and affordable all Texans

• Increase funding for quality mental healthcare through the state